Time to Declare Independence from PC

We declared Independence 241 years ago from the British Crown. Now might be a good time to declare independence and divorce ourselves from political correctness.


Inauguration of President Trump, Vice President Pence

At 12 noon, President Trump and Vice President Pence will be sworn in, beginning a new era. Many speak in terms of ending and reversing in large part the Obama years. This is true enough, but much of what needs to be changed pre-dates Obama by decades....

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Civics Lesson on the First Amendment, Private Forums

the First Amendment protects you from government censorship, not private...While liberals have used the "freedom of speech" canard on the Internet for years, conservatives who clearly should know better have adopted the same false argument in the past few years....Freedom of the press belongs to the owner of the press.



Stinking Thinking on Trump Transition 2017

As President-Elect Trump builds his cabinet, people are complaining from various quarters and making issues where there are none.


Thanksgiving – Triumph of Capitalism over Socialism

As a socialist commune, the Pilgrims' first year here ended in devastation. When they switched to capitalism and trade, their bounty knew no bounds.


Memories from the Trump Victory Party

The Trump Victory Party at the NY Hilton was a historic once-in-a-lifetime event. Here are 10 photos, some shot in the heat of the moment, capturing my highlights. Some photos are great. Some are lousy. All are part of this night as I witnessed it.