A Trump Admin Will Be True Friend to Poland

A Trump administration will be a true friend to Poland and to Polish Americans, Donald Trump today said at a Chicago meeting of the Polish American Congress. “We’re going to be a friend to everybody….even if they don’t like me, they will like me when they see the results I produce.” Trump said, Poland has been a special and important ally for freedom since our founding as a nation.

“During the Cold War, Poland kept the flame for freedom under Communist oppression. It was a beacon,” he said. Trump recounted how Poland provided 28,000 troops to fight alongside us in Afghanistan and Iraq in the hardest fought regions.

Trump contrasted himself with the Clintons, specifically former President Bill Clinton who said “democracy is too much trouble.” Trump promised to honor Poland’s sacrifice and ensure eastern Europe is a bulwark for freedom. Clinton made his statement in response to Poland’s opposition to accepting Syrian refugees. Trump noted that Poland is one of only five NATO nations paying 2% of its GDP for its defense per the NATO treaty. “We want NATO to be strong, which means we want more countries to follow the example of Poland,” he said. “If every nation in NATO made the same contribution, all of our allies would be secure.” Trump said as President, he would work to strengthen NATO and get it involved with combating terrorism.

Trump said “the contributions of the Polish people have enriched every aspect of our lives and will be honored” if he is elected to serve. “I am asking for your vote, and very importantly, your friendship and your partnership.”

Shifting gears to small business, Trump said business owners are more excited about his proposed regulation cuts than even tax cuts.

Following his speech, Trump announced his Polish American Council in a press release.

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