Anti-Trump BS Machine Continues to Churn

Get your chest waders and a shovel. Trump’s enemies have been piling the BS on deep this week. According to the liars, he’s calling for assassinations and the Republican Party is desperate to ditch him in a frenzy of “buyer’s remorse.”

GOP Ditching is Not True

The BS story this week is that Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican Party had a phone call with Trump in which he threatened the candidate with dropping support and focusing fund-raising on down-ticket races.

Both Priebus and the Trump campaign have said this is false. Priebus came to Trump’s rally in Erie, PA and said he was proud of Trump and the campaign. “We’re in a battle for freedom,” Priebus said, and Trump will work to ensure we keep our freedom.

If the Republican Party were looking to ditch Trump, we would not be seeing the volume of fund-raiser emails and social media posts originating from the party.

Obama and ISIS

Trump said Obama founded ISIS. In a Tweet, he said the statement was sarcasm.

But was he really that far off? Here is Clinton in her own words.

Second Amendment Voters

At a rally, Trump said if Clinton won, the Second Amendment would be abolished and there was nothing anyone could do about it, except perhaps those who care about the Second Amendment. He was referring to voters who – let’s face it – if you care about the Second Amendment, you’d have to be insane to vote for Clinton. The media, Clintonistas, and the #NeverTrump rats took his statement to mean that Trump was suggesting Clinton should be assassinated.

Quickly, the false story was born that the Secret Service met with Trump.

So Who’s Inciting Violence?

Speaking of inciting violence, the Democrats need to take a hard look at themselves. Trump supporters are not beating Clintonistas over the head with crowbars. We’re not vandalizing people’s property and setting arson fires, because someone supports Clinton. We don’t have George Soros-financed thugs going to Clinton rallies to chase, beat, and attack her supporters like was done to us in San Jose and Chicago. Black Lives Matter is not blocking the roads to Clinton rallies, like was done in Phoenix, AZ. Trump supporters have been extraordinarily patient and restrained when attacked at rallies.

What’s with the string of mysterious deaths connected to Clinton and the DNC?

These are the people who applauded and laughed at the death of Antonin Scalia, the circumstances of which were suspicious and no autopsy was ever ordered.

Speaking of assassination wishes, it was Hillary Clinton who in 2008 hoped for Obama to be assassinated.

Tell us again who is inciting – and committing the violence here?

Trump is Serious, Substantive

Some have suggested that Trump needs to “get serious,” and “get back on message.” Really? He delivered three – to use a favorite #LyinTed buzzword – substantive, and detailed policy speeches this week. One in Detroit, one in Virginia, and the other before the National Association of Home Builders Board of Directors in Florida. He also met with a group of pastors in Florida. All this is on top of an aggressive rally schedule often with three or even more stops per day.

A Distraction from Hillary’s Many Fatal Flaws

Oh, where do we begin? The 33,000 deleted emails, including classified material? The pay for play with the Clinton Global Foundation? Thirty years of scandals and being above the law.

What about those bizarre convulsions, coughing fits, consistent “short circuiting,” the apparent inability to surmount a short flight of stairs, and the Diazepam injections? She’s displayed enough symptoms to question her medical fitness for being President.

If Clinton is doing so great and Trump so poorly, why can’t she even fill a Bingo hall, while Trump fills stadiums with supporters?

The BS and the “nontroveries” surrounding Trump are designed to distract from Clinton’s many fatal flaws as a candidate.

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