Donald Trump Makes Party Unity Endorsements

Donald Trump today made party unity endorsements of House Speaker Paul Ryan, and Senators John McCain and Kelly Ayotte. In making his endorsements, Trump used Reagan’s quote that “my 80% friend is not my 20% enemy.” He said our party needs to be unified, to be a big tent if we are going to win in November. He said we would be getting lots of Bernie Sanders supporters who agree with him on trade.

With Paul Ryan, we’ll note that he was to headline a #NeverTrump gathering this month. Party unity works both ways. We hope and expect that Ryan will cancel his attendance and denounce all #NeverTrump activities.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who we cover exclusively on our sister site, US for Palin endorsed Paul Nehlen on May 8. Tonight she doubled down on that endorsement, which is understandable. Having made her initial endorsement on international TV and Nehlen being one of two candidates who got donations from her PAC this past quarter, Palin had to carry it through.

The voters of Ryan’s district will ultimately determine his fate, but clearly the two people behind the dueling endorsements had very strong reasons for making them.

Paul Ryan Endorsement

John McCain Endorsement

Kelly Ayotte Endorsement

We agree with Trump that our party must unify. We need to work together toward our common goal. Part of unification is putting bruised egos aside, and putting aside quests for political purity and perfection. We seem to forget that Reagan who we revere worked with Tip O’Neill. Newt Gingrich got his Contract with America and welfare reform passed under the Bill Clinton Administration. Palin who we referenced above worked extensively with both parties to achieve her gubernatorial agenda. Elections were never won by grandstanding on political purity.

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