Donald Trump Wins Historic Nomination

Roll Call of States

Donald Trump’s official historic win came at 7:13 PM ET, as Michigan and Pennsylvania passed to allow New York’s delegation to cast the final votes needed to push him to 1,237 delegates. That vote brought him to 1,267 and when the roll call concluded, it was a total knock-out. Trump finished the night with 1,725 delegates – 180 more than we were expecting. Trump won the greatest number of popular votes to nominate a candidate in the Republican Party’s history. He easily clear-cut a field of 16 other candidates. He brought the GOPe – once his sworn enemy – to his side and crushed losers bent on thwarting his nomination.

Ted Cruz who watched his “delegate game” disintegrate before his very eyes came away with 70 delegates LESS than what were predicted for him. The ignoble sore loser still has yet to endorse the nominee who gave him a speaking spot tomorrow night.

Former Indiana Governor Michael Pence was nominated for Vice President.

Vice Presidential Nomination

Trump spoke briefly via satellite from Trump Tower in New York City after the roll call and VP nomination.

Trump Addresses Convention Post-Nomination

As Day 2 of the RNC draws to a close, here are some other highlights:

NJ Gov. Chris Christie Lays out a Prosecution of #CrookedHillary

Tiffany Trump

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