Entitlement Mentality Hits So-Called Conservatives

Entitlement Mentality Comes to Conservatives

Entitlement Mentality – Two teams in a baseball league are playing the last game in a playoff to go against the other league’s champion in a World Series type championship. It’s the bottom of the ninth, bases are loaded, two men are already out, and neither team has scored. Don had been pitching and striking out the players all game long, but now he’s batting. One player, on the opposing team – Ted, managed to get a single, but otherwise spent the night batting foul balls. Don gets up to bat and knocks it out of the park with a grand slam, ending the game with a decisive win….

….Now a number of influential people on Ted’s team are desperate for victory. Their team has to win at all costs. Besides, Don is a “big mouth.” Some might argue he’s something of a douche bag. The umpire comes out and announces that Don’s grand slam home run does not count; and Ted’s single is going to be counted as the game-winning home run – Ted’s team is going to the championship, and Don’s team – which won fair and square – is not.

Sounds ridiculous right? A single is not a grand slam home run, no umpire would do such a thing, and you can’t change the rules of the game after it’s been played. But, some in the inside baseball of the Republican Convention want to do just that. You see, “Don” is Donald Trump and “Ted” is Ted Cruz. The grand slam “Don” scored is the 1,441 bound delegates he has. The single “Ted” scored is the 569 bound he has. The #DelegatesUnbound movement wants to introduce a rules change to unbind the delegates so they can “vote their consciences,” – that is – erase “Don’s” grand slam and give it to “Ted” who scored a single – or even give it to someone else. Someone who did not run, and did not earn the right to be at the convention.

So-called “Christian Conservatives” who should know better have succumbed to entitlement mentality. They somehow seemed to have forgotten the Ten Commandments – specifically “thou shalt not steal,” and “thou shalt not covet.” That point is lost on these people who somehow believe that a man who got less than 15% of the vote; who couldn’t carry a single county or district in the entire Northeast, or Indiana should get the nomination over the man who has nearly three times as many delegates and 14 million popular votes. They use “common core” – or what used to be called “fuzzy math” – to conflate primary voting outcomes with general election turnout to ridiculously purport that only their guy can beat Hillary Clinton. In 2012, only 5.82% – 162,990 out of NY State’s 2.8 million Republicans bothered to vote in the primary. This time, 921,771 came out. That’s a turn-out of almost 33%. Trump utterly crushed Cruz here. To suggest that “only Cruz can defeat Hillary” is the height of delusion. Cruz can’t beat Hillary, because he couldn’t win the primary.

Ted Cruz – representing the Pharisee wing of the Republican Party – is not alone in the forces arrayed against Trump in what is called the #NeverTrump movement. One needs to look beyond the left/right paradigm to see one of the ties that binds Cruz, the Bushes, and Hillary Clinton together. Why would Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush donors now donate to Hillary Clinton? They’re all open borders globalists. This is not about left and right – despite what #CruzCult tells you. This is about Making America 1st versus Making America just another brick in the Globalists’ wall. Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi, after all was on the Council of Foreign Relations, and the proposed North American Union was her brainchild. The North American Union was to be similar to the European Union; it would have involved us, Canada, and Mexico, and a new currency was to be introduced called the “Amero.” Far from being wild-eyed conspiracy theory, the Cruz’s, Bushes, and Clintons support this. The mask is off. #CruzCult arguing about “conservative principles” are arguing a false premise.

As for delegate’s “voting their conscience” the reason why delegates are bound is precisely because they’re NOT at the convention to vote their own consciences. They’re there to vote the consciences of the state’s primary majority who sent them. There’s no point in having primaries and caucuses; and candidates spending millions of dollars on same for delegates to vote as they see fit. Clearly, the second tie that binds Cruz, Bush, and Clinton together is entitlement mentality. Only someone who feels entitled would steal a nomination from someone who clearly won it, because the clear winner does not fit in with their agenda – whatever it may be.

The two bowel movements – #NeverTrump and #DelegatesUnbound spearheaded by the despicable Kendal Unruh – are rooted in entitlement mentality. Fittingly, she living up to her last name which comes from the High German and means “unrest,” and also means “careless” and “negligent.”

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