FBI Director Details #CrookedHillary’s Acts, Doubles Down

FBI Director Doubles Down on No Prosecution

FBI Director James Comey admitted to Congress today that #CrookedHillary emailed classified material and thousands of work-related emails were deleted from a private server in her New York home while she served as Secretary of State. He doubled down on the FBI’s decision not to prosecute her, chalking her actions up to “gross negligence.” He further claimed Gen. Petraeus’ conduct was worse. The FBI prosecuted the General on a misdemeanor charge.

Judge Jeanine Pirro, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and former federal prosecutor Joe Digenova all would have prosecuted #CrookedHillary. Pirro and Giuliani are both former prosecutors. All are reasonable people, yet Comey ridiculously claimed that “no reasonable prosecutor” would take the case.

Today’s hearing, like all the prior ones related to Clinton was divided along partisan lines. Democrats claimed she and the FBI Director are victims of a Republican witch hunt. Republicans asserted that the FBI gave Clinton special favored treatment because of her political connections. Democrats tried to fob Clinton’s actions off as ignorance. But Clinton was no ordinary citizen. The Secretary of State is expected to know what classified markings look like.

To steal a famous #CrookedHillary quote – it would require the willing suspension of disbelief – to conclude that she got anything other than special treatment. Democrats tried to dismiss the sequence of events that led up to the FBI’s refusal to prosecute as wild-eyed conspiracy theory. This sequence of events: Attorney General Lynch meeting Bill Clinton on his plane; the non-prosecution; Obama stumping for #CrookedHillary, and her announcement that Lynch would continue as Attorney General in her administration – clearly suggest a bribe as Trump said in his last rally. This is not the stuff of tin foil hats.

In today’s hearing, Comey admitted pointedly that Clinton deleted thousands of work-related emails; that she used a rogue server in her home – and other devices – to process them; that classified material passed through the server, and #CrookedHillary lied. Despite all this, #CrookedHillary escaped prosecution. She is not out of the woods yet though.

The State Department this evening re-opened its investigation in how #CrookedHillary and her top aides mishandled classified information.

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