GOP Convention to Shut Down Self-Entitled Sore Losers

GOP Convention to Shut Down Self-Entitled Sore Losers

Finally the GOP Convention could shut down self-entitled sore losers. According to the Washington Times, Bruce Ash, Chairman of the RNC’s Rules Committee will petition to amend Rule 40d. The change would limit the televised counting of votes to those who are on the convention ballot. The change would shut down self-entitled sore losers who call themselves #NeverTrump and #DelegatesUnbound. They are seeking to unbind the delegates in an effort to deny Donald Trump the nomination.

Ash told the Washington Times Trump was not even his third choice for the nomination. It’s safe to say he does not like Trump very much. But, Ash said the candidate “won fair and square.” Ash gets it. Ash put country first and self aside. He recognizes that the man who won fair and square should get the nomination. He understands that it’s not about his personal preference or conscience. The voters voted their consciences and in so doing overwhelmingly chose Trump. Period.

It’s Not Burger King – You Can’t Have it Your Way

Earlier this week, we condemned the #NeverTrump and #DelegatesUnbound as bowel movements conceived by losers for losers. We railed about the entitlement mentality that underpins these “movements.”

Dave Spuria who publishes the American Independent and posts daily videos related how entitled Cruz supporters are demanding that Trump apologize to them. Losers don’t get to make demands. Losers don’t get to extract concessions. Losers don’t get to set terms and conditions. Trump defeated 16 other primary candidates. These self-entitled sore losers want to disenfranchise 14 million votes and hand the nomination to a man who lost at the ballot box – or worse yet – someone who did not even run. Why? There is no legitimate reason – except to advance globalism and for power brokers to keep their power.

If Ash succeeds with his petition, the self-entitled sore losers will learn that the nomination is not Burger King. They can’t have it their way.

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