How to Win in the Final 72 Hours Before Election

We can win this election. As the reality of Clinton’s corruption sets in, states that were unthinkable for Trump are now in play as winnable swing states. As we roll into the final 72 hours before the election, here is what we need to do to win.

Boots on the Ground in Swing / Battleground States

Major Trump supporters who are volunteering for the campaign are deploying to battleground states such as Pennsylvania to knock on doors. Good old fashioned door-to-door campaigning is always highly effective. Some local campaign offices will bus in volunteers and provide, food, lodging, and local transportation. I did this for McCain-Palin 2008 and it was a great experience.

Download the Trump App, and use the TrumpTalk Feature to Call Voters

Don’t want to report to a call center or don’t have time to go to one? Download the Make America 1st App for iPhone or Android, enter LDJJJ as your invite code, create a profile and use TrumpTalk to contact voters right from your phone (be mindful that cellular rates apply within the terms of your phone plan). The app gives you “AP” points for successfully completing given actions. As you reach certain point levels, you unlock accomplishment badges. Don’t worry about “AP” point scores and badges at this stage of the game if you’re just downloading the app now.

Remember: Make America 1st App and LDJJJ as your invite code.

Avoid Stinking Thinking

Republicans in general and Conservatives in particular have gotten so used to losing in the main that we tend to think like losers. The problem with thinking like a loser is that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. To win, we must think like winners.

Examples of Stinking Thinking:

I Wish [Insert Name Here] Was Running” – well [insert name here] is not running. Pining away over your wishes is a great way to lose. The time spent wishing can be spent knocking on doors and calling, and of course voting. You have to live in the world as it is, not as you want it to be – yeah, we stole it from Alinksy. He was actually right about that. Too many people in politics live in fantasy lands complete with fairies, unicorns, and pixie dust; and too many people spend their time playing pretend with causes that have no chance of success. Winners live and work in reality.

Voting Your Conscience” – We’ve discussed this one ad nauseum now for months. Making America 1st is geared mainly to Trump supporters, and we long ago made our disdain for the “#NeverTrump” bowel movement known. This entry is geared to those of you who are truly undecided – which by now really should be few in number unless you’re a low-information voter.

The choice in this election is binary: Trump or Clinton. Ballot shenanigans such as voting third parties, abstaining from the POTUS/VPOTUS race, writing in your fantasy candidate are nothing more than devices to fool yourself. These electoral shenanigans will only help whichever candidate is strongest on Election Day. As far as we’re concerned, doing this is voting for Clinton.

A vote for Clinton is a vote for a sleazy, haughty, arrogant, selfish, corrupt racketeer who cannot hold a security clearance and does not have the stamina to serve. She is under investigation for criminal acts. Clinton has been running a pay-to-play scheme; her millions of dollars were made not by building but by peddling access and influence. She took tens of millions of dollars from countries that execute gays and treat women equally horribly – yet she claims to champion rights for both. Feminist Clinton defended her sexual predator husband, destroyed and laughed at his victims. Her email investigation was re-opened because the husband of her main staffer was sexting a 15-year-old girl. Some champion for women.

Clinton turned the U.S. State Dept into Tammany Hall. Her failed policies destabilized the Middle East and birthed ISIS. She couldn’t even protect an embassy in Benghazi. We’re going to entrust her with protecting our country??? What a joke! And the joke is on us. Her SCOTUS appointments and policies will destroy our country. She dreams of open borders and no sovereignty. She is a complete, and disgusting disgrace – a nasty self-absorbed, self-entitled woman – bought and paid for by Wall Street and the Gulf States.

Having a conscience and voting it means putting country first, and not letting her anywhere near the White House. That necessarily means voting for Trump. You don’t have to support him, back him or even like him. Maybe, he’ll grow on you. But for now, the priority is to keep Clinton out of the White House. So, how do we get there?

Become an informed voter. Use these 72 hours to learn about Trump and learn about Clinton’s sordid background. Do your homework. That should lead you to a very easy decision.

“Voting your conscience,” is a form of playing pretend. It’s making a fantasy choice to avoid making the real one. In essence, “voting your conscience” is a delusional act.

This poll says Trump will lose. We’re sunk!” – Stop chasing the polls. Most polls posted on news media sites are agenda-driven and over-sample Democrats by significant margins. It’s very easy to get the poll result you want by over-sampling. Don’t go on a wild roller coaster ride with the polls. Focus on doing what you need to do to win.

Get Out the Vote

Simple stuff here: vote, and make sure your friends and family do the same. Have an elderly relative or friend? Get them to their polling site or make arrangements to get them there. GOTV is when calling and phone banking can be very effective.

Know Your Election Laws and If you See Something, Say Something

Learn the election laws in your jurisdiction and don’t blindly vote. Have your situational awareness and wits about you. For example, if you’re casting your vote on a touch screen, make sure the ballot you cast reflects your choices. If your vote is changed, do NOT cast the ballot!!!! Call an election worker over. If the touchscreen repeatedly changes your vote, request a paper ballot and have the machine taken out of service. Do NOT cast your ballot then complain later. Once you cast the ballot, it’s too late.

Here in NY, we use optical scanners and voters must sign in a book. NY Election workers cannot ask for ID, but any voter can challenge the actions of another voter if they see something untoward – for example seeing the same person vote more than once. Few New Yorkers know this, so those of you who live here – keep that in mind. Here is New York State’s Election Law – you should find a corresponding file for your home state.

If you see buses or vans dropping groups of people off at a polling site, tell a poll worker. That’s a highly suspicious act suggestive of voter fraud. But don’t engage the group, as that could escalate into a very ugly situation.

Don’t wear anything that indicates support of any candidate or party at a polling station. In just about every jurisdiction, you are not allowed to electioneer near polling stations.

Many jurisdictions don’t permit you to photograph a marked ballot. If you feel compelled to do it as documentation, at the least don’t post it on social media.

Now, let’s win this thing and #MAGA !!!

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