Inauguration of President Trump, Vice President Pence

At 12 noon, President Trump and Vice President Pence will be sworn in, beginning a new era. Many speak in terms of ending and reversing in large part the Obama years. This is true enough, but much of what needs to be changed pre-dates Obama by decades. Our tax code as it relates to married couples goes back to the 1950s.

The prognosis looks quite promising. Since President Trump was elected, major manufacturers such as Carrier and Ford ceased attempts to ship American jobs out of the country. Others decided to ramp up operations here. The Trump cabinet is built out with 20% of the funds being returned to the Federal Treasury – the Transition came in under budget.

What brought us here today was a movement fed up with with decades of corrupt, self-serving leadership punctuated by moments of egregiously bad judgment. Some people will credit one person or another as being solely responsible for the ascendancy of President Trump. Nonsense. His endorsers and big name supporters were among many contributing factors in his win, but something much bigger than any one person secured our victory. This movement called the Trump Train propelled him to clear cut a field of 16 other candidates to win the nomination. None of the other 16 offered any true change, in fact, all offered just more of the same.

Meanwhile, the Democrats nominated a fatally flawed candidate who had a likeability problem and who even her supporters considered a calculating liar. Clinton’s record goes back over 30 years and also amounted to more of the same.

The Trump Train said NO to a continuation of 20 years of the Bush and Clinton dynasties.

The Trump Train accomplished what the now all-but-dead Tea Party movement could only dream of. The Tea Party movement failed because it had neither a strong leader, nor a single cohesive message. It also did not have broad-based appeal. Its lawless, hypocritical, leftist counterpart – Occupy – failed for the same reasons, with the addition that it was a fringe movement.

By contrast the Trump Train has a strong leader and easy-to-understand cohesive message. It has broad-based appeal covering the spectrum from conservative Republicans to Independents, to Blue Dog Democrats. Even some of rather socialist bent joined the movement rather than support the Clinton machine. Our new President brought millions of new people into the Republican Party, something only Reagan was able to do over 30 years ago.

Those who don’t consider Trump to be “my President,” should take pause. Each Inauguration is an historic event in which power is peacefully transitioned. Many of us didn’t like Obama and just as much did not want to call him “my President.” Obama was quite likely the worst President in our history, but note the noun “worst” modifies: President. Obama was our President and ultimately we had to accept reality. His side won – twice. Now we won, because we finally got motivated, got engaged, rallied behind a strong leader who was a true outsider, and put forth the very hard work to win.

We celebrate now, but after 12 noon, the real work begins as President Trump must fulfill his mandate. It’s up to us to stay engaged and make sure he does. We don’t rest on our laurels.

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  • isabel matos

    We have been given a second chance and can’t fail. The Republicans can’t fail or it’s over for us. I am so relieved for this day. Thank you Jesus!!