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Donald Trump, Jr. Brings Down the House at the RNC on Day 2

As the RNC goes live on Day 3, we flash back to Donald Trump, Jr. who brought down the house last night, and has many suggesting he could forge his own run for office. About his father, the younger Trump said he makes the impossible possible. As a young boy from Queens, the elder Trump was told he could not make it in “the big city” – Manhattan. Today, he has redefined Manhattan’s skyline. Trump’s candidacy was considered “impossible.” While in exploratory and in the early days of his run, he was reviled as a “clown.” He’s only doing this as a “publicity stunt,” his detractors chortled. One by one, he clear cut the entire field of candidates, including one who thought he knew all the rules and had the “delegate game” sealed.

“For my father, impossible is just the starting point,” Donald Trump, Jr. said. He spoke of his father’s hands-on approach to business. Trump spent his time with the tradesmen and women erecting his buildings, not those cooped up in an ivory tower. A number of Trump’s executives started out in blue collar positions. “Trump sees the potential in people they don’t even see in themselves.” He said, “we learned from people who have doctorates in common sense.”

While the Democrats say they support the American Dream, Donald Trump, Jr. said their policies run counter to it. Their systems are set up to protect the bureaucrats, not provide proper services to citizens. Over-taxation, and over-regulation stifle our freedoms, he said.

The younger Trump said if Hillary Clinton is elected, she would be the first President who could not pass a basic background check to get a security clearance. She would issue executive orders to gut the Second Amendment and appoint activist judges to the Supreme Court. “Rather than be energy independent, our country would be beholden to her buddies in the Middle East.”

He said we would “put all Americans first.”

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