Trump, Clinton Have Final Debate Showdown in Las Vegas

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had their third and final Presidential debate in Las Vegas, NV October 19. Among other things, Trump said the Clinton Foundation is a criminal enterprise and she should not have been allowed to run for the Presidency. As with prior debates, it ran 90 minutes without commercials or other breaks. The host was Chris Wallace of Fox News.

According to CNN Money, The debate was to be divided into six segments of 15 minutes each. The topics for those segments, selected by Wallace, were: ‘Debt and entitlements,’ ‘Immigration,’ ‘Economy,’ ‘Supreme Court,’ ‘Foreign hot spots’ and ‘Fitness to be President.'”

Candidates had two minutes to respond, another two minutes for rebuttal, then 10 to 11 minutes of debate and discussion.

Trump Facebook Live Pre-Debate

Trump preceded the debate with a Facebook Live broadcast broadcast 30 minutes prior under the hashtag, #draintheswamp


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