Making America 1st Launches

Making America 1st Launches

It is fitting that Making America 1st launches on this historic day the people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. #Brexit is a solid repudiation of globalism and a return to sovereignty.

Maintaining our sovereignty and securing our borders are key components of Making America 1st. It is why voters so soundly rejected the open borders, globalist policies of Ted Cruz and the Bushes – masqueraded as “constitutional conservatism” – in favor of Donald Trump’s America 1st platform.

Our Blog Page Introduction says:

“Making America 1st centers on restoring American Exceptionalism or simply “Americanism.” We do that by upholding and enforcing the Constitution; negotiating fair trade deals that bring jobs and manufacturing back home; being energy independent; securing our borders; preserving our unique culture and heritage; fostering a rebirth of civic responsibility and respect.”

“Globalism, political correctness, entitlement mentality, cults of personality, and evil, hateful ideologies are the enemies of Making America 1st.”

“Politics is almost always seen as a clash between right and left / liberal and conservative. The modern dynamic is a UniParty in which corrupt power brokers – Democrats and Republicans alike – are pursuing an open borders, globalist agenda which cuts across traditional right and left lines.”

“Though Making America 1st covers timely and relevant public figures, the concept is over-arching and transcends all public or political figures or committees. Leaders are great in part because they lead for the era in which they live. We look to the past to learn from it, but must never dwell in it.”

Brought to you by the publisher of US for Palin, Making America 1st will deliver content centered on the concepts of Americanism, and upholding the Constitution. Because Making America 1st is not tied to any candidate or committee, we can deliver a much broader, comprehensive range of content. Much of what has been published under the US for Palin brand this year belongs here.

We hope you’ll join us in Making America 1st.

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