Memories from the Trump Victory Party

The Trump Victory Party at the NY Hilton was a historic once-in-a-lifetime event. Here are 10 photos, some shot in the heat of the moment, capturing my highlights. Some photos are great. Some are lousy. All are part of this night as I witnessed it. For my original coverage and analysis of the Trump victory please see: Yuge, Historic Win for Trump, Pence.


I had the good fortune to be a part of the Trump Victory Party by responding to a call for volunteers issued by John Antoniello, Chairman, Staten Island GOP, pictured here with me.


My assignment was to check media credentials at the Press Filing Center. Only holders of the media pass were allowed to enter (and high-ranking staff, production, hotel employees, Secret Service and NYPD). Reporters transited between this room and the main ballroom where the stage and two media risers were set up. I stood alongside Secret Service. Around midnight, Milo Yiannopoulos was escorted in and out of the Press Filing Center to do his report.

I worked the post from around 3:30 PM till 2:15 AM when the announcement came that President-Elect Trump would be coming to the Hilton. The announcement came moments after the Clinton campaign sent John Podesta out to tell her supporters votes were still being counted and to go home. Fox News Megyn Kelly had gotten a report that it would be at least two more hours before results came in from Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Once the announcement came down that the President-Elect was coming to the building, everything stopped, and we all piled into the main room. As far as we were concerned, he was still Mr. Trump, a private citizen. Then, the electoral vote count jumped from 254 to 274 and the celebration began.


The Trump family first appears on the balcony.


The Trump family walks on to the stage.


President-Elect Trump delivers his victory speech.


The iPhone 6 Plus camera couldn’t focus and lock correctly, but this is First Lady Melania Trump. She stayed far back from the rope line.


Shaking hands with President-Elect Trump on the rope line after his victory.


Donald Trump, Jr. preparing to shake my hand.


Eric Trump just before shaking my hand.


Diamond and Silk just before handshake.


America’s Mayor – Rudy Giuliani giving an interview on the rope line.

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  • Mary Ellen

    Looks like you had an AMAZING night! Thank you for sharing!

  • isabel matos

    Bravo to you for this post and Hallelujah that he did it.. Trump is amazing.