Mike Pence Accepts VP Nom, Cruz Leaves in Disgrace

Mike Pence Accepts the VP Nomination

Mike Pence accepted the VP nomination and his acceptance speech closed out the third day of the RNC. The VP candidate shared the Trump campaign’s vision to Make America Great again. He spoke about the stark contrast between their campaign and Clinton’s.


The man Trump once reviled as “Little Marco” last night gave a full-throated endorsement of Trump and called upon the Republican Party to unify around him. His remarks, delivered in a brief video drew cheers from all the delegations.

Lynne Patton, a Trump executive and Pastor Darrell Scott gave impassioned speeches in support of The Donald. Laura Ingraham said Cruz and Kasich should honor their pledges to support the nominee, which clearly neither did.

Eric Trump

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio Gives Full-Throated Endorsement of Trump

Laura Ingraham Calls on Cruz, Kasich to Honor Pledges

Lynne Patton

Pastor Darrell Scott

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Newt Gingrich

Cruzicide – The Fall of the House of #LyinTed

We were mystified that Trump would give Cruz a speaking slot without securing Cruz’s endorsement, but the brilliance of the move became clear last night. By giving Cruz the slot, Trump gave him two choices: endorse, or enough rope to hang himself. Cruz chose the rope.

Cruz entered the stage to cheers – enough in fact to delay his speech over a minute. His speech started off well enough, and lumbered along in his usual proselytizing style. Then, like a pilot with no instrument rating in the clouds, his graveyard spiral began when he called on those gathered to “vote your conscience” in November. “Vote your conscience” is a well-known #NeverTrump buzz-phrase. The audience picked up on it and the booing began. When Cruz snarked at the New York Delegation, reception to him deteriorated even more. He got booed off the stage, his wife and father had to be escorted out of the building. Even his own supporters in the Texas Delegation turned on him.

Obstinate, hard-headed Cruz and his supporters never get a message. Earlier in the day, during a speech, as Cruz uttered the words, “GOP Nominee,” Trump’s 757 flew overhead on its final approach into Cleveland. That moment portended the Fall of the House of #LyinTed.

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