Too Little Too Late for Conservative Ideologue Losers

Today, Sen. Ted Cruz finally endorsed Donald Trump - likely on pain of a political future. GOP Chair Reince Priebus warned anti-Trump former candidates that if they didn't honor their pledges, they would receive no party backing for their own future runs. Unfortunately for him, it's more than likely too little too late.


Trump at Cleveland Heights Church: I’m Here to Listen

Donald Trump today told those gathered at a Cleveland Heights church, "I'm here to listen....I'm running to be President for all Americans - every single one....I'm here to learn so we can remedy injustice in all of its very unattractive forms....becoming the nominee of the Party of Abraham Lincoln has been the greatest honor of my life."


Trump: No American Life Should be Lost in Name of Open Borders


Donald Trump today said no American life should be lost in the name of open borders in a speech delivered to the Remembrance Project. Americans are being killed in crimes committed by illegal immigrants in so-called "sanctuary cities," by visa over-stayers, or by those deported but never actually sent back.


Trump Unveils Economic Policies at NY Economic Club

Donald Trump today unveiled his economic policies at the NY Economic Club. The over-arching goals are 4% growth, 25 million new jobs, removal of unnecessary regulations, simplified tax code, energy independence, and improved trade policies. Trump's economic team said a 3.5% growth would create 25 million jobs over the next 10 years, and 4% growth would reduce the deficit.


Trump: Cars Made in Mexico, Can’t Drink the Water in Flint

"It used to be that you couldn't drink the water in Mexico and cars were made in Flint. Now, cars are made in Mexico, and you can't drink the water in Flint," Donald Trump today said at the Bethel United Methodist Church in Flint, MI.


Donald and Ivanka Trump Unveil Child Care Policy


Donald and Ivanka Trump today unveiled new child care policy proposals in Aston, PA. The policies would reform the tax code to provide deductions for child and elder care, boost the Earned Income Tax Credit, provide six weeks of paid maternity leave, and establish dependent care savings accounts.