Paul Ryan Wins Primary in Landslide

House Speaker Paul Ryan won his primary defeating challenger Paul Nehlen with 84% of the vote with 6% of the precincts reporting, according to Fox6Now, as this story goes to press.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin launched Nehlen onto the world stage in a CNN interview on May 8, in which she said he would be “Cantored” out of office. Ryan, however, is very popular in his district, which heartily supports his anti-Trump, globalist, RINO ways. Palin doubled down on the endorsement, which included a $5,000 donation to Nehlen’s campaign from her PAC. Ann Coulter joined rank with Palin in endorsing and stumping for Nehlen. However, Trump endorsed Ryan as a show of party unity.

Though Palin and Ann Coulter endorsed Nehlen out of conservative principle, Trump knows he has to work with Ryan if he is elected. Even so Ryan has not reciprocated The Donald’s good will. He is still slated to headline via video RedState’s “#NeverTrump Conference” which runs August 12 – 14th along with #LyinTed and others of his ilk. Speaking of #LyinTed, two of his endorsed candidates – Georgia State Senator Mike Crane, and U.S. Representative Tim Huelskamp out of Kansas – lost their primaries. Huelskamp is a virulent #NeverTrump.

The latest #NeverTrump loser floated won’t be on the ballot in half the country and has a fake resume full of inaccuracies, distortions and lies.

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