RNC Round-Up, Highlights, Lowlights – Days 1 – 2

As the RNC heads into Day 2 our round-up brings you the highlights, the lowlights and what’s next to come. First, today’s Live Stream:


For us, yesterday’s highlights were speeches by Melania Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Patricia Smith, Lt. General Michael Flynn, Sheriff David Clarke, and Senator Jeff Sessions.

Melania Trump

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani

Sheriff David A. Clarke

Patricia Smith, Mother of Benghazi Victim

Lt. General Michael Flynn

Marcus Luttrell

Senator Jeff Sessions

The theme of Day 1 was “Make America Safe Again.” Melania Trump gave a beautiful speech about how both she and her husband love the United States. She wore a beautiful $2900 wedding dress for the occasion. Melania was born in Slovenia when it was Yugoslavia under Communist rule. She speaks five languages, has an architecture degree, is a former super-model, and has her own jewelery design line. Melania has been married to Donald Trump for 18 years.

Widespread media reports said tracts of Melania’s speech were originally said in Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech, which was written by Sarah Hurwitz. The Trump campaign said “Melania’s speech included fragments that reflected her own thinking.” There’s even a rumor floating around that Hurwitz wrote Melania’s speech.

Quoted material from another should always be attributed. If Hurwitz indeed wrote the speech – and we have no evidence she did – recycling passages from a speech written for another client was wrong. In any case, political figures of all stripes, though routinely steal lines from one another’s speeches. Politics is a rather incestuous business. Unlike Michelle Obama, who needed her husband’s Presidential run to be proud of America for the first time in her adult life, Melania Trump has a true love of country.

Moving on, both Patricia Smith and Lt. General Michael Flynn said Hillary Clinton belongs in prison. Everyone who spoke said Clinton would head the country down the very dangerous paths of appeasing Islamic terrorism, wide open borders and financial ruin.


The lowlights – really there was only one – was this disgusting display by self-entitled #NeverTrump which did not get the message from being flushed in the Rules Committee. They wanted to re-start that issue again via roll call vote. The RNC leadership rightly would have none of it and gave #NeverTrump a well-deserved second flush down history’s toilet.

Sore loser Ted Cruz – who was given a speaking slot at Trump’s convention without endorsing him – still has yet to denounce this bowel movement; still has yet to endorse Trump and is only there out of Trump’s generosity.

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