Self-Entitled #DelegatesUnbound Movement Shut Down in Court, AZ

Self-Entitled Movement Trumped in Court and AZ

A federal court yesterday shut down the self-entitled #DelegatesUnbound / #FreeTheDelegates movement with its ruling that bound delegates are indeed bound to vote in accordance with their state’s election results. The self-entitled anti-Trump brigade thinks delegates should “vote their consciences.” The court made clear that delegates are not there to vote their own consciences. One becomes a Republican bound delegate by signing the RNC’s Declaration and Statement of Qualification. The binding is governed by RNC Rule 16. The rule is there to make sure the delegates vote the voters’ consciences, not their own. They signed a legally binding contract with the RNC to vote according to election results.

“Delegate Beau Correll, Jr., had brought the suit against the Commonwealth of Virginia hoping to reject the will of the voters, but was soundly defeated.”

An Arizona Delegate, Lori Hack thought she was going to “vote her conscience” as well, until her credential was stripped and an alternate sent in her place.

Why Delegates are Bound

The despicable people pushing for unbinding have the stupid notion that the primary process is a glorified straw poll or “beauty contest.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Unbinding delegates is wrong on so many levels. It disenfranchises millions of primary voters and makes a complete mockery and waste out of the primary process. Voter turnout in primaries is already abysmal – in both parties. Get Out The Vote (GOTV) is a real chore in the primaries.

In this election cycle, we were raving about the “great primary turnouts.” In New York State, the turnout was nearly 33%. Not a wonderful number – until you consider that in 2012, less than 6% bothered to come out in New York. If primary voters were sent the message that their votes do not matter, why would anyone bother to vote in a “beauty contest” that doesn’t count?

The unbinding of delegates would surely result in an explosion of violence and bloodshed on the convention floor and in surrounding areas, not just now, but in any election. People don’t take kindly to having something they earned stolen and handed to another. The federal court wisely shut down what would have been a very dangerous game.

Delegates are bound for this very reason: to prevent the hijacking and theft of the nomination by someone who didn’t earn it. It’s quite hilarious that so-called Christian conservatives – mainly Cruz supporters – behind this now failed movement are so ready to break two out of the 10 Commandments: Thou Shalt Not Steal, and Thou Shalt Not Covet.

Remember Ron Paul? His entire campaign was premised on “the delegate game.” While Romney was being nominated, Ron Paul’s delegates sat on buses circling Channelside. Ron Paul’s grand delegate game deservedly got flushed down history’s toilet. #DelegatesUnbound / #FreeTheDelegates got flushed last night.

Cruz supporters in particular really need to get over it and get over themselves. Even Cruz is speaking at the convention – at Trump’s invite. He had to know that the movement to steal Trump’s delegates and hand them to him was never going to work, just like it failed for Ron Paul.

The Democrat Play Book

We are not Democrats. We do not support the Democratic Party’s goals or its candidates. We think Hillary Clinton is a horrible candidate and would destroy the country as President. Just so we’re perfectly clear.

With the foregoing in mind, we were a bit taken aback and must respectfully disagree with Donald Trump’s assertion that Bernie Sanders sold out his supporters by endorsing Hillary Clinton. Clinton won her party’s nomination. Yes, the process by which she won is rigged. Yes, it’s unfair. Yes, she does not deserve to run and rather deserves a prison cell. But she won the Democrats’ nomination. Sanders as a candidate lost. He’s now backing his party’s nominee, as he should. Their convention is just a ceremony, just like ours.

It’s hypocritical to spend over two months condemning Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush, John Kasich, and the Romney cabal for not backing Trump, while suggesting that Sanders not back his party’s winner.

Quite the contrary, we need to take a page out of the Democrat Play Book. They back their winners no matter what. Many of their candidates are SOBs. But they’re the Democrats’ SOBs and they back their SOBs. They tend to win too.

Not us. We endlessly debate and re-litigate primaries. We snipe at each other and destroy each other. We’re masters of the circular firing squad. You’d have better luck herding cats than getting a group of fellow conservatives united behind one candidate. While the Democrat’s losers are backing their winner, we ran to court to stop a delegate theft. Even with the court ruling, #NeverTrump are still scheming ways to steal his nomination, and they’ll continue trying to sabotage him all they through the general. Democrats do not tolerate this behavior. You back the nominee, or there’s the door.

What a different primary conclusion it would have been if Cruz, Fiorina, Kasich, and Bush backed our presumptive nominee, and directed their supporters to do the same. But these selfish, entitled oafs care only about their own power and pushing the globalist agenda. With #NeverTrump, it’s them first and country last. The end justifies the means. “Consistent, Constitutional conservative principles?” Yeah, right.

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