Staten Island Trump Supporter Builds Bigger Trump Sign After Arson

A Staten Island Trump Supporter today built a bigger Trump Sign after the original 8-foot x 12-foot one was destroyed in an arson fire on Sunday morning. Sam Pirozzolo, Conservative party nominee for delegate to the judicial convention and candidate for District Leader from the 63rd Assembly district erected a 15-foot replacement designed by Scott LoBaido this afternoon before he went on an interview with Neil Cavuto.

Pirozzolo is seeking to have the perpetrator(s) charged with a hate crime once identified and arrested. He suspects a Clinton supporter set the fire. The arsonist had to climb a fence and trespass 20 feet into Pirozollo’s property to douse the sign with gasoline and set the fire.

A neighbor awoke Pirozzolo to inform him of the fire. Trump contacted both Pirozzolo and LoBaido.

Pirozzolo has been On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, and the story was covered on Fox Business as well. He told Fox Business that had the sign been a religious monument or about someone’s sexuality, it would have been covered as a hate crime. The perpetrator(s) remain at large.

Trump supporters in Orlando, Dallas, Clearwater, and Indianapolis, among many other places have had their properties vandalized.


Photo courtesy of Bobby Zahn. A new 15-Foot “T” is built replacing the one destroyed in an arson fire this past Sunday.

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