Teflon #CrookedHillary Escaped Justice – Again

Teflon #CrookedHillary Escaped Justice – Again

Many conservatives are shocked that Teflon #CrookedHillary escaped justice – again. The FBI declined to prosecute her over the private email server she used to process classified State Department emails. The Russians hacked said server

Anyone who follows politics should have seen this coming from a mile away. Why would the Attorney General meet with Bill Clinton in the latter’s private jet? Why would Obama stump for Clinton – on taxpayer’s money – if the fix wasn’t in? Why is Bernie Sanders losing states he won fair and square?

Donald Trump said it best:

In describing a video Trump posted on Facebook showcasing Clinton’s lies, he wrote, “The rigged system may have helped Hillary Clinton escape criminal charges, but the FBI Director did indict her today for her incredible lack of judgment and honesty. Watch her LIE over and over again. Unbelievable!”

The system is rigged. It’s been rigged for a long time. For the past eight years, #CrookedHillary was surely going to be indicted on something, and it never materialized. The Benghazi hearings turned out to be smoke and mirrors. Four Americans died under her malfeasant leadership and #CrookedHillary got away with it scot free. Now, she will get away with endangering our national security – and using the State Department as her personal hedge fund. General Petraeus had to pay the consequences for far less. Edward Snowden remains exiled in Russia because he faces certain prosecution for his security breaches, which he claims to have committed under a “principled stand.”

Teflon #CrookedHillary Above the Law

By any reasonable standard, #CrookedHillary should have been drummed out of politics long ago and held accountable for her actions. Her long and proud history of scandal – and hatred for our troops – goes back to the late 1960s and early 1970s. Shocked conservatives seemed to have forgotten that Democrats back each other up no matter what. We should take a page out of their play book. We eat our own. We’re masters of the circular firing squad. Teflon #CrookedHillary is above the law, because she is protected by powerful interests.

She may never see justice, but it’s our job to be sure she never sees the inside of the White House again. We do that by not voting for her, by bringing in new people, and casting aside the #NeverTrump and #DelegatesUnbound RATs.

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