Too Little Too Late for Conservative Ideologue Losers

Today, Sen. Ted Cruz finally endorsed Donald Trump – likely on pain of a political future. GOP Chair Reince Priebus warned anti-Trump former candidates that if they didn’t honor their pledges, they would receive no party backing for their own future runs.

Too Little Too Late?

Cruz’s endorsement comes over two months after he was booed off the stage at the Republican convention for telling everyone to “vote your conscience.” The phrase is a well-known #NeverTrump rallying cry and is also a favorite of Hillary Clinton’s.

His late endorsement puts him between a rock and a hard place. There was no love lost between Trump supporters and Cruz. Though Trump dropped the #LyinTed moniker months ago, we have been using it up till the moment Cruz finally endorsed Trump.

Ironically, the anti-Trump contingent who are now Cruz’s former supporters may adopt the moniker. By aligning himself with anti-Trump losers for months, only to endorse Trump anyway, these people have turned on him. His former supporters see him as a traitor and a liar – just as we did.

Nothing good ever comes out of being a selfish, entitled, sore loser ideologue. By starting off on this footing, Cruz alienated not only Trump’s supporters, but ultimately lost many of his own die hards. Yes, he stood up and did the right thing by finally endorsing Trump. Unfortunately for him, it’s more than likely too little too late.

Conservative Ideologue Losers

The search for conservative purity is nothing new. Every election cycle brings out an unelectable conservative ideologue who’s campaign and support base operate much like Jonestown. Conservative Ideologues tend to get the same 10% to 15% of the vote every time.

What makes these people unelectable is not conservatism as is most often claimed. Trump for example is a Reagan conservative, and is a big believer in things like states rights (the Tenth Amendment anyone?). He doesn’t use the buzzwords and phrases the ideologues use, though his views fall perfectly within the Three-Legged Stool that defines conservatism.

Conservative Ideologues infuse their campaigns with a sanctimonious, holier-than-thou religiosity that turns mainstream voters off. We do not want a theocracy – under the auspices of any religion. Most people don’t want the government taking on the role of “Bedroom Police.”

Conservative Ideologues are rigid, unyielding, and are on a relentless search for the perfect candidate who they think will lead them to the Promised Land. They cannot be relied upon as a support base, because they have no loyalty, are arrogant, stubborn, and glass-jawed. They can dish out insults, but they can’t take them. The moment a candidate deviates ever so slightly from their rigid views of the world, a Conservative Ideologue will turncoat. They move on to the next “perfect” person and the cycle repeats when their “perfect” person falls off the pedestal they’ve built. We know this from experience, having published our sister site US for Palin and its predecessors for over eight years now. We’ve seen plenty of this behavior.

Each election cycle, Conservative Ideologues do one of the following: stay home or squander their votes on third parties and write-ins – what they call “vote your conscience.” It’s “take my ball and go home” mentality. Conservative Ideologues likely ushered in a second term of Obama by refusing to vote for Romney, some citing his Mormonism. These same “true Christians” were perfectly fine with Mormonism when the de facto spokesman for their Ideologue candidate used his Mormonism to win Utah.

Conservative Ideologues are tone deaf and clueless as to what an election cycle is a referendum on. This election cycle for example is about Americanism vs. Globalism. Capitalism vs. Socialism. The prior cycle was more about debts and deficit – issues which remain operative today. This election is not about an Article V convention or an Imprimis Tea Party with scones at Hillsdale College. Many are totally ignorant of how campaigns and committees work. Add to that delusional, including delusions of grandeur.

The bottom line is, Conservative Ideologues lose, not because of conservatism, but because their toxic personalities grate on voters’ nerves like fingernails on a blackboard.

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