Trump Delivers Scathing Response to #CrookedHillary, DNC

Hillary Clinton has not held a press conference in over 235 days; the DNC never talks about our law enforcement officers or ISIS and couldn’t even be bothered to have one American flag on the dais, Donald Trump said as he opened his press conference in response to the DNC. Two small American flags finally appeared after the Trump campaign complained. Clinton showed total disloyalty to Debbie Wasserman Schultz who rigged the system against Bernie Sanders. Trump often calls Wasserman-Schultz “Pochahontas” because she claims to be a Native American, but is not one.

Trump cited the Wikileaks-released emails in which the DNC used highly derogatory language based on race, religion, sexual identity, and others. Had Trump used similar language, he would have had to drop out of the race, he said. “With her, everything is just fine.”

Trump said there is no way #CrookedHillary could have press conferences, “because she would never be able to answer any questions, because the job she has done is so bad.” Clinton claims to be bringing change, but she has been there for 30 years and will only be an extension of Obama. Trump said, in fact, Clinton would be worse than Obama. She lied about being for TPP, and her husband ushered in NAFTA, which destroyed manufacturing in the United States, Trump said.

While the other countries involved with TPP have read every word and every comma, we have not, because we’re led by stupid people, he said.

In answering reporters’ questions, Trump said:

  • Russia may or may not have Clinton’s hacked emails. It could be China. It could be a lone wolf hacker. If it’s a foreign country, it shows they have no respect for us. He said he would love to see the released emails.
  • He never met Putin and has no investment or development in Russia outside of routine sales to individual Russian citizens. He had been approached to develop there, but declined.
  • He would rather have Russia as an ally to combat ISIS than as an adversary.
  • Clinton is 100% bought and sold by special interests and lobbyists.
  • He’ll release his tax returns when his audit is complete. He has 104 pages filed with the FEC on his $10 billion company. Trump is audited every year.
  • Bernie Sanders got tired and sold out to Clinton, but his supporters would have none of it. They have been protesting and largely walked out of the convention.
  • The minimum wage should be increased, but the states should call the shots.
  • Clinton’s VP running mate Tim Kaine is unpopular because he asked for a $4 billion tax increase.
  • Clinton and Kaine want to bring in tens of thousands of un-vetted “refugees.”
  • The prosecutor in Baltimore should should prosecute herself.
  • Trump and Pence have a great relationship. He never wavered. He delayed the news conference announcing Pence over the attack in Nice, France. He said Pence is even better than he thought.
  • Trump never considered and never would consider John Kasich as his VP. He’s leading in Ohio by three points.
  • Within four weeks, Trump will be announcing a plan to help students dealing with student loan debt.
  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield costs in Texas will be going up 60%. New ObamaCare numbers due out November 1 show the highest increase in health care costs in our nation’s history. Obama wants to push the release till after the election.
  • John Hinkley should not have been released.
  • Trump is 100% for Israel and has great relationships with people there.
  • “Obama is the most ignorant president in our history. His views of the world don’t jive. You look at the migration with Syria, Libya, with Iraq – with everything he’s touched – he has been a disaster as a President and will go down as one of the worst presidents in the history of our country….Hillary Clinton will be even worse.”
  • Obama knows less today than when he took office. Trump said he is well-prepared. He beat 16 talented people in the primary and has a great stable of advisers.
  • “Hillary Clinton should be allowed to have security briefings when she had a phony server that was hacked. Her number one person, Huma Abedin is married to Anthony Wiener, a pervert and a sleazeball. I don’t like her going home and telling Anthony Wiener all these secrets.” Clinton lied and deleted 33,000 emails.
  • “I don’t think it’s safe to have Hillary Clinton briefed on national security.”
  • Donald Jr. has no intention of running for Mayor of NYC.

The press conference was only part of a busy day for the Trump-Pence team. They held a Town Hall in Scranton, PA…

A rally in Toledo, Ohio is in progress now as this story goes to press.

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