Trump Details Military Policy at NBC CiC Forum

Donald Trump tonight detailed his military and veterans policies at NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum aboard the U.S.S. Intrepid, docked in Manhattan. He said our military is depleted and needs to be rebuilt. He said the Obama-Clinton Middle East legacy is a disaster. Clinton falsely claimed that Trump once supported the war in Iraq. Trump also said her claim that he wants to privatize the VA is false. What he wants to do is allow veterans who are stuck waiting in long lines to use their own doctors at a public or private facility and the government would cover the costs. He said the long waits for treatments and prescription is a major factor in the 22 veteran suicides per day. He stood by his refusal to divulge his plan to eliminate ISIS on the ground of not revealing it to our enemy.

Clinton conveniently omitted Benghazi when discussing Libya.

Earlier in the day, Trump laid out a plan to rebuild our military and return to the Reagan Doctrine of Peace Through Strength.

The candidates spoke separately, back to back; this was not a debate. The first sanctioned debate is September 26 at Hofstra University.

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