Trump Picks Pence as #NeverTrump Dies

Following widespread media reports – and a denial by the Trump campaign – that he chose Indiana Governor Michael Pence to be his VP running mate, Donald Trump made the Pence choice official this morning in a Tweet.

The formal announcement, which was to be July 15 was postponed in the wake of the Nice, France terror attack. Trump made the formal announcement 11 AM on July 16 at the NY Hilton, which was live-streamed:

Mike Pence has been a controversial choice among Trump supporters. He has supported TPP, and is something of a globalist. However, during the primary, Pence gave Ted Cruz a lukewarm endorsement that sounded more like a Trump endorsement.

But, Pence brings a number of key advantages to the table. His quiet demeanor and temperament balances Trump’s bold, brash, direct approach. Some of the VP candidates under consideration or being proposed by their respective supporters would have only brought more bombast. It would have either been too much of a good thing, or would have stolen the show from Trump.

Pence is a sitting governor and thus has recent executive experience.

A religious conservative from the MidWest, Pence would reinforce Trump among this constituency. He could bring Cruz supporters and even have some #NeverTrump boarding the #TrumpTrain. Simply put, Pence would help unify the party and the ticket.

Pence takes direction well, is loyal, and would not challenge Trump. He also can be re-branded easily unlike other household names.

#NeverTrump / #DelegatesUnbound Flushed Down History’s Toilet

Just as we predicted, the #NeverTrump bowel movement got flushed down history’s toilet by the RNC Rules committee, which ruled 87 – 12 to keep bound delegates bound. We’ve spilled more than enough pixels on this bunch of self-entitled losers. It was a fitting and well-deserved end.

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