YUGE Historic Win for Trump, Pence

With 274 electoral votes, President-Elect Donald J. Trump goes from building skyscrapers to rebuilding a nation. We won states that were dismissed as Democrat strangleholds, like Wisconsin. Even more delicious, we did it without the #NeverTrump rats who thought they could sabotage him to vindicate their stupid “principles.” No one needs ideologue losers, and it was proof once again that no one out-Trumps Trump. No one.

From the moment President-Elect Trump came down that escalator in his signature tower on Fifth Ave., all the experts declared him DOA. After all, he was a “clown,” and a vulgar “buffoon” who never held office. He couldn’t possibly win against 16 of his “betters” they said. The experts said Clinton would chew him up and spit him out. Tonight, President-Elect Trump proved all the experts wrong. He made the impossible possible.


During the primaries, he clear-cut the entire field of candidates even with voter fraud, rigged elections, and a party apparatus hell bent on sabotaging his efforts. His primary win was historic with over 14 million votes cast.

President-Elect Trump exposed the corrupt underbelly of corruption and fraud pervading both party establishments.

This election was not merely a referendum on right vs left or conservative vs liberal. The entire paradigm has changed. This election was about America First vs the Globalism favored by the likes of Clinton, Bush, and Cruz. It was a referendum on #DrainTheSwamp vs keeping the status quo.

Tonight, our nation averted what could have been both a national disaster and disgrace. By electing Clinton, we would have triggered a constitutional crisis by having a President who is under investigation for criminal acts.

Clinton is a corrupt, arrogant racketeer and liar bedeviled with never-ending scandals and failures that span her a entire political career. She cannot be trusted with our nation’s secrets. Her time in office would have been marked by more wars, terrorism, civil unrest, non-stop scandals and disgrace.

She would have stacked the Supreme Court with activist judges bent on shredding the Constitution and using the court to push their “progressive” agenda.

Her mere election would have triggered the mother of all gun, magazine, and ammunition panic buying sprees, as she would have clenched the title of “Gun Salesman of the Year” from Obama.

Clinton likely will finally face justice for her criminal acts, but at least now that’s her problem. Had she been elected, it surely would have been our problem as a nation.


This election cycle though nasty was good in that the electorate woke up and got engaged. Tonight we celebrate our win, but we cannot rest on our laurels for even a moment.

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance and freedom is never more than one generation from extinction. Never forget that this could have gone the other way and tonight could have been the beginning of freedom’s extinction. We were on the cusp.

We must stay engaged for this hard-fought victory to mean anything.

It is fitting, therefore that we celebrate with the Ode to Freedom as played at the Brandenburg Gate when the Berlin Wall came down. This is Beethoven Symphony No. 9 Fourth Movement. As composed, it’s the Ode to Joy, but the word “Freude” in German was changed to “Freiheit” for that historic occasion.

Some will no doubt claim the irony of using the downing of a wall to celebrate the victory of a man who wants to build one. There’s a big difference: The Berlin Wall kept people IN against their will. The Trump wall will establish a border and keeps people OUT who should not be here.

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